Backpackers vs. Glam packers

There is a difference between backers and glam packers. Both are these packers travel differently. Backpackers love to travel to different places. They don’t stay in one place. For backpackers is all about a journey. 

Glam packers stay in one place and live in style. They don’t have a lot of time to stay in one place and is about luxury. Glam packers love to live in hotels and have a lot of things. Here is how glam packers and backpackers are different from each other.  

The budget

Backpackers don’t like to spend a lot of money. They like to keep simple. Their money doesn’t always run out. They look for jobs to do volunteer some to help others to let their money grow or people give the traverse food supply to continue their journey. A backpacker can travel when they want because they want to try new things.   

Glam packers all set out the money that will be needed. Their budget is normally higher than glam packers so they can where they want. Money is never a problem for a glam packer. They don’t travel that much as a backpacker, they only travel when they have time. 

  The packing list

When packing as a backpacker they always carry a big backpack with. A backpacker will pack things that they will need on a daily base. They will always share when needed. You will always see a backpacker carry a sleeping bag with them. The great thing about a backpacker there isn’t a limit of their packing. If you don’t have things for a specific activity you can ask your partner if you can borrow.

Glam packers always pack for everything they don’t leave a space open. That is why at an airport they pay extra because they have a big suitcase with them and their suitcases are always heavy and they extra for the amount and the weight of the suitcase. Glam packers are always prepared for any situation that may happen may not happen. 

 So, which of these packers are you? Do you like to keep it simple; do you like to go overboard with traveling? If you didn’t try to be one of these, change the way you want to travel try something new. If you like the way you travel to do it again and have fun doing it. But never forget to have fun on your journey and make memories.