Top Places To Spend Your Time Off Work

When the exam period ends with the children, the parents begin to search for places to spend the vacation; the person needs to take time off from work and the constant pressure of life to try to recharge the body to continue to work actively. Continuous work without rest causes a lot of problems that lie with the person, and It may limit his success in his work. Here are a few ideas from my experiences in life. I work seasonally as a garage door repair technician and enjoy my time off with family.

How to arrange your vacation

The time for leave needs to be organized and arranged in advance to have an enjoyable time without disturbances, but it must be noted that the holiday is not a time to do evil and sins under the pretext of recreation, for God Almighty is present everywhere, and the person is accountable for his work at all times, and we will suggest some The regions that benefit from the vacation.


Several cities enjoy beauty to spend their vacation, including:

The city of Barcelona

 Its ancient and ancient history distinguishes Barcelona, and this is manifested through its streets and walls dating back more than two thousand years, it is also possible to enjoy the picturesque beaches of the sea or take trips onboard the boat to enjoy the natural sights in Catalonia, and can participate with the old Catalan dances.


The Mediterranean climate characterizes Jordan. In winter, temperatures reach mostly one degree Celsius, rain falls, and sometimes snowfalls. Therefore, it is advised to visit Aqaba and enjoy its warm atmosphere and its beautiful beach, and visit the famous Wadi Rum and the pink rose carved in the rock, while in the summer it reaches degrees The temperature reaches an average of 30 degrees Celsius, so it is advisable to visit the mountainous highlands in the Ajloun and Jerash areas where the temperatures are moderate.

Anaheim in California

Anaheim boasts many options for children, such as the famous Disneyland city that children enjoy with their favorite cartoon characters.

Copenhagen in Denmark

 You can visit the city of Copenhagen, which is famous for its long history of more than a hundred years, as it has the Arkan Museum of Modern Art, and children can spend hours in this museum without feeling bored as a result of the various activities that stimulate the mind to creativity.

Philippine Islands

It is a haven for lovers of relaxation and recreation, as the spas are full of vigor and vitality.

The Egyptian Arabic Republic

 It contains many famous and ancient tourist sites, it is possible to go on a trip to Cairo to enjoy the ancient relics indicating the ancientness of the region, such as old churches and mosques, and it is no secret that one of the inevitabilities of visiting the pyramids in Giza is one of the greatest things that the Pharaohs built and excelled in, but it must Avoid sunny and hot days to enjoy exploring the pyramids, walking in the desert sands, riding horses and camels, and taking a tour of the Khufu or sun boat.

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